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Producing high yields plam oil and rubber seedlings since 1978. To meet the industrial needs today, we continue to strive for producing more than 3 million seedlings each year.

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Seedlings Products

Providing various certified seedlings from Malaysia Palm Oil Board and Malaysia Rubber Board

Fresh and Young Buddings Cutbacks Rubber Seedlings

Fresh and Young Buddings Cutbacks Rubber Seedlings

Budded BCMP or TCB Rubber Tree Seedlings

Budded BCMP or TCB Rubber Seedlings

Fresh Budded Stumps (Green Bud Sticks) Rubber Seedlings

Fresh Budded Stumps (Green Bud Sticks) Rubber Seedlings

Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB) Certified Palm Oil Seedlings

Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB) Certified Palm Oil Seedlings

Types and Species

Grooming a series of different high yielding speices and clones


Categorized by producing a minimum of 1,500 kg per hectare per year for the first 5 harvesting years. Moreover, clones under this class have a minimum average of 0.3 m3 harvesting volume per tree.

Apart from that, they have great features such as able to harvest after 5 years, resistance to wind damages and capable to resist dryness and sickness. Therefore, Malaysia Rubber Board recommends to plant these clones for any large scale commercial growth and small scale estate too.

These clones are RRIM 928, RRIM 2001, RRIM 2002, PB 260 and PB350.

Grouped by high potential clones that are capable of producing an average of 1,800 kg per hectare per year. Apart from that, these clones have a minimum average of 0.3 m3 harvesting volume per tree.

Although producing higher yield than the Class I, however, they have limited characteristics and environmental growth factors. Due to this circumstance, Malaysia Rubber Board recommends to plant them over 40% of the estate area in a monocolonial block manner.

These clones are RRIM 2007, RRIM 2023, RRIM 2024 and RRIM 3001.

These clones produce great timbers after its latex harvesting. Generally, all Class I and Class II clones into this category.

However, there are some dedicated clones for this category like RRIM 2025. Astonishingly, it has a spontanous growth pattern and a higher density volume in its trunk than any other competitors.

Palm Oil

Producing at 6.96 metric tons/hectare/year, DxP Yangambi serves as the base of the inbreeding clone from the original Yangambi.

Producing at 8.13 metric tons/hectare/year, DxP 3-Way Cross is a cross breed clone created from hybridizing the convential (Deli Banting x Nigerian) Dura and (Yangambi) Pisifera. Notably, it is well known for high-density plantation.

Producing at 44.1 metric tons/hectare/year, DxP Guthrie Chemara is a breed created by hybridizating the mother palm of the selected few from Ulu Remis deli dura (URD) with the Pisifera palm from Ulu Remis tenera (URT) and URT-derived populations.

Producing at 10 metric tons/hectare/year, DxP Calix 600 is a breed from Deli Dura trait with AVROS Pisifera – all originated from elite parental lines. Historically, it is a research outcome thanks to Guthrie, Golden Hope and Sime Darby.

Producing at 38.96 metric tons/hectare/year, DxP GH 500 is a breed produced from cross-breeding a few selected elite Deli Duras with the BM119 second generation Pisiferas.

Producing at 9 metric tons/hectare/year, DxP Hybrida is a breed yield from hybridizing a selected few of Deli Dura pedigree and the Dumpy Yangambi AVROS pisifera. At its origin, it is semi-clonal.

DISCLAIMER: All our data are sourced from various parties, like GASSB Oil Palm Seminar 2017 dated from 8-10 March 2017, done by Tan Joo Sheng, PhD (Head of Oil Palm Breading Department of FGV R&D S/B; Sime Darby Palm Oil Clone brochure from ISP NATSEM’16, Malaysia Rubber Board and Malaysia Palm Oil Board. Pendang Nursery S/B can accept no liability whatsoever in respect of any errors or omissions. 

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To ensure our product quality is always meeting the national standards, we practice no compromise in our quality control process.


Palm Oil

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